Why Choose GF?

Because it’s an innovation in the Supply Chain Industry that you have to be a part of…

Why Choose GF?

Because it’s an innovation in the Supply Chain Industry that you have to be a part of…

We now live in an anytime, anywhere society and customer expectations are changing.

As we continue through Industry 4.0 everyday businesses are climbing the digital scale to stay competitive. As well, the Pandemic has only increased the importance and speed of digital innovation… Where does this leave you?

Where is my Order?
Currently, a few industry's provide order tracking such as Food, Clothing and other items... But how in depth do they go?
Order Progress
Large Businesses such as Dominos, Argos and McDonalds have had order progress for a while... but their visibility is still limited to 'preparing, in progress and complete'
Full Order Transparency
Why Choose GF? It's about sharing the full journey and not just the last leg.
By giving work flow visibility from the very start, Supply Chain's & Customers can see exactly where their order is, at any step of the way.
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For the Customer
a self-serve app, with real time order transparency and a unique order drilldown feature. Customers can track their orders, no matter what stage or supplier its with. In addition, Non-Conformance and Compliments logging provides necessary real time feedback to the Supply Chain. Customers can expect a high quality service and time saved on expediting orders.
For the Supplier
real time workflow tracking throughout the supply chain to provide WIP transparency. Glass Factory covers operator & job timings, defect and incident logging and a standardised system for Non Conformance resolution. Let's not forget that suppliers are also customers, which is why GF provides a unique sub contractor drilldown feature.

Why Choose GF? For Work Flow Transparency...

Having the ability to see through the supply chain not only provides customers with valuable information, but provides Businesses with real-time data of work flow and processes. 

Building stronger relationships, gaining support and trust, providing efficient and accurate KPI’s all count towards saving TIME & COST whilst bringing in trade and staying ahead of your competition…

Example Supply Chain Workflow
Why Choose GF

Want to find out more?

The first step is to book a Demo with HanaTech – where we go into more depth about the Glass Factory ┬« App’s features and useability. Once you are happy and ready to go, we set you up and your transparency journey begins…

From Traditional Supply Chain to Supply Chain of the Future!